SPORT Optics Laboratories

Choosing the right lens for you

Whether you are looking for an all-purpose lens that performs well in a wide variety of light conditions, or you have specific needs, Sport Optics laboratories has you covered. Our goggles have a choice of 4 different lens colors, read on to learn more about each.


Our darkest lens, the Smoke lens tint is perfect for bright, sunny days when you don't want to wear a pair of sunglasses under your goggles. The smoke lens is perfect for you if you tend to head indoors during the storms, or if you want a second pair for those bright bluebird days.

Yellow Revo

The Yellow Revo lens has a flash coating and a high contrast tint. It offers excellent performance in every lighting condition from full sun to flat light conditions. This is an excellent choice for those who don't want to fuss with more than one pair of goggles.

Red Revo

The Red Revo lens is similar to the Yellow Revo in that it will perform well in a wide variety of light conditions and has a flash coating for glare. It has a slightly darker and rosier tint than the Yellow Revo.


The Umber lens is a comparatively light tint, with a contrast-highlighting brown tint that is perfect for low light, flat light, and riding the storm. It is a great choice for those who prefer a lighter tint, or as a second pair for challenging light conditions.